Our economic and environmental challenge is to reach our defined objectives with the least waste possible, and to take full advantage of all the resources we use.

From cutting the sheet metal to the assembly of the casing and the combustion chamber, and from the painting process to the assembly of the components, all our products are strictly “Created in Italy”. We distribute and export technology, quality and expertise all over the world.

The specific care we take with the components and the certification procedures that every product is subjected to, allows us to guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability and ensure top performance.

Z.F., with its head office at Meledo di Sarego, is an ISO 9001 quality-certified company operating in the biomass heating sector. Founded in 1989 by the Zorzetto family, it began working in a professional and qualified way in the medium-light carpentery business.
For 10 years now it has been producing high-quality pellet stoves. Our product is quality certified by the most stringent quality institutes.
Production is divided between three plants of about 25.000 m², where the management, research and development, laboratories, production, sales offices, administration and warehouses are located.

Dont take quality lightly, we do neither

EUROALPI stoves are considered products of excellence in the Italian market of pellet stoves, thanks to the achievement of important objectives in terms of ecosustainability and reliability.

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